Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (the “agreement”) govern the Services provided by bondbackCleaner (“Us”, “We” or “Service Providers”) to the user of our Services (“You” or “Client”). By using our website and requesting our services, you are hereby bound by these Terms and Conditions.


The scope of services that Service Provider may provide to Client shall be discussed and mutually decided by both parties. The exact kind of service, total fees to be paid, the address of Property to be serviced, Date and time of performance of services etc. will be discussed with Client on the phone and confirmed by Email. Any changes to the pre-decided arrangement must be approved by both parties via Email. No changes to the pre-decided arrangement shall be made on the day of performance of services. Notwithstanding, the fees quoted on the confirmation Email is just an estimate based on information provided by the Client and is subject to change if the information provided by the Client is not accurate, in such cases, Client is liable to pay the revised fee as prepared by the Service Provider on the day of performance of services.

Service Provider may refuse service to the Properties which are deemed unsafe in the opinion of Service Provider, in such cases Client shall be liable to pay visitation fee as calculated by the Service Provider in order to compensate time and resources spent by Service Provider. The cleaning staff of Service Provider shall not employ unsafe techniques to reach difficult areas even after a request by Client. Service Provider may refuse to provide services if the Client interrupts the effective performance of services. The client must not request the cleaning staff to clean feces or to take care of personal belongings, children or pets.


Service Provider will provide cleaning services to the Client during the mutually decided time period at the Property owned, leased or rented out by the Client. The client must inform the address of the Property to be serviced clearly to the Service Provider. Client agrees to order at least four (4) consecutive (weekly or fortnightly) two-hour service sessions.


Payment is due on the day of each scheduled service. The client must make the full payment of the pre-decided amount before the performance of services. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check, or credit card. If the Client fails to make the payment within 24 hours of the performance of service, an additional late fee of 10% per week shall be levied. We require 50% of the total cost paid as an upfront deposit if the Client has previously canceled the scheduled service and is rebooking the service now.
If the cleaning staff has to wait at your Property even after the pre-decided appointment time, due to your fault, an additional waiting charge of 40$ per hour shall apply.


Service Provider will use its own products, equipment, and supplies. If Client requires Service Provider to use specialized products an additional fee may be assessed. The service provider shall use industry standard products, equipment, and supplies. The service provider shall not be responsible if the products, equipment or supplies have any unpredictable effect on Client’s Property.


Service Provider may, within seven (7) days of completion of Services, provide up to one free cleaning at its discretion. If the Client is not satisfied with the Services provided by the Service Provider, Client must file a complaint within 24 hours after the completion of service and a written letter of demand within 4 days from making the complaint. The service guarantee is only valid under the following conditions being met:
No building or maintenance work has been carried out at the property during or after the cleaning has been finished including but not limited to; renovation work, flooring replacement/repair, painting and decorating, plumbing or electrical work and other such similar services.

The property is vacant on the day of cleaning and continues being vacant afterward with no person(s) or animal(s) remaining there; The property has not been left open or unlocked, unattended or has had a security breach and had unwanted patrons enter after the cleaning service; The property has not been damaged in any way, be this from weather conditions or other such acts.Furnished house or unit no bond back guarantee.we don’t refund money,just fix the service related complain .